DS 9
DS 9
Power of elegance
Plug-in hybrid

Up to 360 hp


(200 hp thermal + 110 hp electric at the front and 113 hp electric at the rear)



Up to 62 km


(in WLTP¹ AER combined mixed cycle and 64 km in EAER City cycle)




to charge to 100% (on wall box)
Exterior design: a jewel of refinement
Born with the E-TENSE hybrid engine, our new sedan was created to offer you technological excellence, exceptional comfort and unrivaled refinement.
Our sedan sports a “Clous de Paris” guilloché metal saber on the hood; a finish as artistic as it is technical, inspired by fine watchmaking.
Symbols of the DS Automobiles brand, the DS ACTIVE LED VISION, which light up and come alive when opened, as well as the rear lights with 3D Full LED technology, reinforce the power of attraction of our sedan.
Outside, you'll marvel at the magic of flush door handles that fold in as you approach and retract as you move away.

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The unique excellence of French know-how
The unique excellence of French know-how
Interior design: the epitome of elegance
DS 9 M.Y.23 has been designed so that each occupant benefits from ample space and the same level of comfort. Both front and rear, the seats are heated, massaging and ventilated. The Alcantara©, which covers the headliner, reinforces the feeling of tranquility.
When cutting-edge technologies help you
Designed for your comfort, DS 9 M.Y.23 integrates the latest technologies.
A connected driving space with DS IRIS SYSTEM
Immersive and technological, the driving space is equipped with a 12.3'' digital instrument panel, a large 12'' HD central touch screen and the DS IRIS SYSTEM, a personal assistant with touch screen and voice recognition, designed to carry out your orders. In one gesture or one word, access all the information essential to your driving and comfort.
Through this video, discover how our new information ecosystem works, intuitive, ergonomic and completely customizable. It integrates a personal assistant with touch screen and advanced voice recognition: DS IRIS SYSTEM executes what you want, how you want it.
This intelligent suspension system relies on the camera, located at the top of the windshield, as well as several sensors, to scan road imperfections in real time. They transmit this data in a few milliseconds to a computer, which acts on each of the wheels independently. According to this information, it makes the suspension firmer or softer, continuously to guarantee optimal comfort.
Thanks to a main LED projector and three rotating modules, DS ACTIVE LED VISION technology manages several lighting modes, specific to each driving situation. The modules act simultaneously to adapt the angle, intensity and range of the light beam in real time, depending on the driving conditions (weather conditions, brightness). Depending on whether you are driving in the city, in the countryside or on the highway, the lighting will adapt to guarantee you high definition visibility.
We designed DS DRIVE ASSIST to assist the driver while allowing them to regain control of their car at any time. This equipment regulates the speed and distance in relation to the vehicle in front and precisely positions DS 9 in its lane, according to the driver's choice, by acting on the steering. It controls speed and trajectory to guarantee you safety and peace of mind while driving.
At night, thanks to the infrared camera installed in the front grille, your DS 9 M.Y.23 scans the road in real time. The system is capable of detecting pedestrians and animals up to a distance of 100 meters to allow you to anticipate dangers and react quickly.
Taste the driving pleasure of the plug-in hybrid
Modes de conduite
Au volant de DS 9 M.Y.23 E-TENSE, quatre modes de conduite s'offrent à vous, permettant une sollicitation plus ou moins forte de la batterie. Le mode zéro émission vous permet de réaliser la plupart des trajets domicile - travail, sans consommer de carburant. Le mode E-TENSE Sport permet de bénéficier du maximum des possibilités mécaniques de DS 9 M.Y.23 en ajustant la cartographie de la pédale d'accélération, de la boîte de vitesses, de la direction et de la suspension pilotée. Le mode Hybride gère automatiquement les différentes énergies en roulant en 100 % électrique, en 100 % essence, ou en mêlant les deux si la situation l’impose. Enfin, le mode Confort permet d'activer DS ACTIVE SCAN SUSPENSION. Il rend la suspension plus ferme ou plus souple, et ce de manière continue pour vous garantir un confort optimal.
Freinage régénératif
Lorsque vous décélérez, l'énergie cinétique des roues est convertie en électricité. Vous prolongez ainsi l'autonomie de vos batteries jusqu'à 15%.
Fonction E-SAVE
Ce mode vous permet de réserver de l’énergie pour rouler en mode 100% électrique sur les derniers kilomètres de votre trajet. Vous avez ainsi accès aux villes, même en cas de restriction de circulation.


DS 9 E-TENSE 4x4 360
Led by DS Performance, which won all the Formula E titles in 2019 and 2020, the developments and fine-tuning of the engine and the chassis have made it possible to achieve exceptional behavior. The dynamic serenity acclaimed by DS Automobiles customers reaches new heights with DS 9 E-TENSE 4x4 360. Precision work whose result is an uncompromising balance between exceptional road behavior and ultimate comfort.
The advantages of the plug-in hybrid
Silence and comfort of driving
Drive in complete freedom and enjoy a serene and quiet driving at the start of your vehicle as in Zero Emission mode in the city. The silence on board your DS 9 M.Y.23 is enhanced by standard acoustic and laminated glazing.
With two engines available (250 hp and 360 hp 4-wheel drive), our E-TENSE models have emissions ranging from 22 to 35g CO  / km.
Safe and roominess
Thanks to its large wheelbase of 2.89 meters, the DS 9 M.Y.23 offers a spacious and comfortable interior, like its elegant central armrest at the rear designed mainly in Nappa leather. With a capacity of up to 510L, the DS 9 M.Y.23 E-TENSE trunk is one of the largest in its segment.
E-TENSE Dedicated Services
Take advantage of the many services set up by DS Automobiles to facilitate your daily life: locate charging stations and plan your charging or the installation of a charging station at home, directly from your smartphone or vehicle.
The power of the plug-in hybrid
With its two electric motors, one at the front and the other at the rear, the E-TENSE 4x4 360 engine achieves up to 360 hp for remarkable performance.
Go to zero emissions mode
Different factors can impact the range of your plug-in hybrid vehicle, such as weather conditions, your speed or your driving style.
Among the parameters that most impact the autonomy of your plug-in hybrid vehicle, speed is the most important. Maintaining a constant and moderate speed will allow you to optimize the range of your car.
Driving style and terrain
Your plug-in hybrid vehicle is particularly sensitive to driving style and exterior terrain. Choosing Eco mode (available among four driving modes), practicing eco-driving or using regenerative braking are all solutions to save up to 15% of energy.
Thermal comfort and heating
In case of high heat or negative temperatures, the battery must provide the energy necessary to cool or heat the cabin, spending up to 35% more energy in winter. It is therefore preferable to precondition (heat or cool) your plug-in hybrid vehicle while it is still plugged into its charging station.
Calculate autonomy
Change the settings below and discover its autonomy
Calculate your cooldown
Calculate your cooldown based on your equipment
Benefit from an installation
DS Automobiles supports you in choosing and installing the charging solution best suited to your needs: from a simple domestic electrical outlet to the installation of a wall box with our partner PALEV.



DS IRIS SYSTEM VOUS PROPOSE LES SERVICES DE CHATGPT(i) La nouvelle fonctionnalité de DS Automobiles utilise la puissance de l'Intelligence Artificielle générative avec la plateforme Chat AI de SoundHound, qui intègre plusieurs domaines de connaissance, combinés avec les modèles de langage les plus avancé comme l'API ChatGPT pour fournir des réponses plus rapides et plus complètes que le système de reconnaissance vocale DS IRIS SYSTEM précédent. ChatGPT est intégré au DS IRIS SYSTEM grâce au système de reconnaissance audio et vocale de SoundHound. Comme il s'agit d'un modèle de langage d'intelligence artificielle, il est développé pour générer des réponses de type humain fondées sur l'apprentissage profond, mais comme il s'agit d'une technologie nouvelle et en développement, ses réponses ou informations peuvent ne pas être totalement exactes, corrige ou objectifs. Comme pour tout autre assistant virtuel, nous vous recommandons de ne pas vous fier uniquement aux informations fournies et d'éviter de partager des informations privées. Veuillez consulter les conditions générales.