Inventing the car of tomorrow
Created in 2014, DS Automobiles stands as a symbol of audacity and innovation. Inspired by the original DS presented in 1955 at the Paris Motor Show, it brings together the best know-how to challenge established automotive codes and imagine the cars of future generations.

The birth of DS: an inspiring icon

In 1955, the first DS made its appearance - and sensation - at the Paris Motor Show and forever marked the history of the automobile. A model of innovation, grace and prestige, it embodies French know-how and the avant-garde spirit which still define, today, the philosophy at the heart of our DNA and inspire all our creations.

Timeless technological signatures

From the DS of the last century to the models of today and tomorrow, our teams work with the same thirst for avant-garde, distinction and elegance to reinvent original technologies such as directional lights or hydraulic suspensions. and make them strong identity elements, adapted to new mobility expectations.



The first DS distinguished itself with its directional lights. For your safety, the DS PIXEL LED VISION 3.0 smart projectors that equip DS 7 adapt to your environment to adjust lighting according to outdoor conditions (city, countryside, weather, etc.) and direct light in corners to improve visibility in corners.

Thanks to the PIXEL function, you can stay in high beam without dazzling the vehicle ahead or arriving in front.

Specific to the origins of DS Automobiles, the hydraulic suspension gives way to DS ACTIVE SCAN SUSPENSION which analyzes the road data in real time to adjust the firmness or flexibility of the suspensions and ensure the greatest driving comfort. 
References to the first iconic DS, the DS Cornets, installed on each side of our DS 9, serve as side position lights. Fine and distinguished, they accompany the luminous signature of this elegant model. 

Continue writing DS language

Driven by the rich past of the DS Automobiles brand and our avant-garde values, our teams of engineers and designers deploy their exceptional French luxury know-how to continue writing our history and designing the automobile of tomorrow . Under their expert eye, our cars become models of technology, with an incomparable silhouette and personality.


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