The fathers of the DS

The fathers of the DS

Launched in 1938 on an initiative from Pierre Boulanger to replace the Traction Avant in the long term, the VGD project culminated 17 years later in the launch of the DS 19 in October 1955.

Pierre-BOULANGERThree men in particular were involved in the design and development of the new model:

The first one, André Lefèbvre, an aeronautical engineer by training, was a fervent proponent of front-wheel drive, as well as aerodynamics, light-weight design and mass centring.

The second, Paul Magès, a self-taught engineer, was the creator of the hydraulics system. He invented the famous hydropneumatic suspension, together with the hydraulic powered steering, clutch and brakingsystems on the DS.

Flaminio-BertoniLastly, the third one, the Italian Flaminio Bertoni, a stylist, sculptor and talented painter, worked with his team to give the DS its revolutionary and elegant body styling.