DS Spirit

DS Spirit


DS, a brand with a tradition of avant garde, excellence, innovation and technology.
DS, a brand which challenges established codes to go beyond expectations of automotive customers.
DS is sensual and spectacular in its styling, its refinement and attention to detail.
DS is born in Paris and embodies the know-how of the best craftsmen of the french luxury industry.

“From its creation in 2014, the French automotive brand DS drew on
an outstanding heritage, that of the DS 19, launched 60 years ago. The
legendary car embodies the values of innovation, excellence and avantgardism.
With its sister model, the SM, the DS is the ultimate symbol of
French high-end automobiles.
Like the 1955 DS, today’s DS models combine remarkable design,
technology, comfort, performance, premium materials and refinement.
As history marches on, the two letters continue to stand for the finest in
automotive luxury around the world.”

Yves Bonnefont
CEO of the DS brand


DS is access to a remarkable style , an absolute refinement and perfect balance between dynamism and comfort in a technological jewel.

DS embodied the know-how of French luxury in the automotive.
Born in Paris, DS Brand is inspired by the best know-how of the French luxury industry such as the expertise of its advanced engineers . Creativity and Expertise are at the service of a bold and seductive promise :
• an avant-gardist of design
• a High Technology objects
• Refinement and attention to details
• Dynamical High-comfort

Avant-garde design

An avant-garde spirit of innovation, know-how, technology, connectivity, style and excellence. DS’s avant-garde spirit is a key value that has made a mark and opened the way to a promising future. Revealed in March at the Geneva Motor Show, New DS 5 embodies the positioning and the avant-garde spirit of the Brand and prefigures the DS models of the future.

A silhouette that is hypnotising at first sight, with a powerful, thoroughbred and exalting style. The DS models combine a series of contrasts between flowing lines, prominent graphical features and voluptuous curves.


The watchwords for DS are refinement and attention to detail, both on the outside and the inside.
A Considerable thought went into every detail. This can be seen, for example, in the DS logo on the headlamps, making the front face a unique creation.
For DS, continuous attention to detail is also reflected in the use of authentic materials such as aluminium for the door crossbars, metal for the gear knob, and leather. These authentic materials are showcased in a unique and exclusive way, as illustrated by the ‘watch strap’ design of the leather seats.
One of the few brands to offer a choice of three types of leather, including full grain nappa leather and semi-aniline leather, one of the world’s finest types of leather, rarely used in the automotive industry.
To satisfy your desire, the DS brand offers a wide rnage of exterior and interior personnalization to underline your identity and your elegant looks.

Spectacular technology

Technological intelligence for driving, ergonomically efficient and intuitive controls, a connectivity offer that is in line with the digital world, efficient, high-performance engines… So many qualities that position today’s DS as a resolutely technological object!

The technology for the performance and benefits, but also for an unique style :
– the futuristic and avant-garde style of the DS LED vision lights,
– or the interior of the DS 5, that transports you into the world of aviation, with its cockpit, its head-up display and its toggle switches.
– not forgetting the connected mobility delivered by the touch screen, tranferred to your compatible smartphone such as the numerous associated services.
DS proposes a spectacular demonstration of its technology, worthy of the Brand’s luxurious world, that creates the supreme and unique fascination with every model.

Dynamic comfort

DS is all about uncompromising comfort and and exceptional feel at the wheel. In addition to the upholstery, the selection of noble materials, the massaging seats and the engines, the DS Brand also shares a vision of a dynamic automobile that offers a reassuring and stimulating behaviour. The engines, which are a perfect match for the dynamic temperament of DS’s models, deliver the expected performance, without neglecting environment considerations, since all the Brand’s engines are Euro6-compliant.