Technology for people

Technology for people

Technological intelligence for driving, ergonomically efficient and intuitive controls, a connectivity offer that is in line with the digital world, efficient, high-performance engines… So many qualities that position today’s DS as a resolutely technological object.
The DS models are a demonstration of the Brand’s innovative and ingenious spirit. They all possess the same qualities that meet our customers’ demands for performance, safety and well-being.


DS led vision

Odyssee_Innovaton_DS-LED-VisionThe DS LED Vision technology forms the light signature of the entire DS range, combining LED and xenon technologies with new, flashing indicator lights. The visibility offered by the headlights is even more efficient and relaxing, thanks to the quality of lighting of the low-beam and high-beam lights. They offer improved visibility and comfort, especially at night, and they also consume less energy.

By combining these two technologies, we have reduced the quantity of energy consumed by the low-beam and high-beam lights by 50% and 67% respectively. Finally, with an typical lifetime of more than 20,000 hours, LEDs last 20 times longer than halogen bulbs.

This technology offers outstanding comfort at the wheel and allows for better anticipation when entering and exiting corners for a safer drive.


Stop and Start

Odyssey_Innovation_Stop-and-StartThe Stop&Start technology is an innovation that ensures you cut fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, while also making the car far quieter. Stop&Start technology turns the engine off just before the car comes to a stop (at a red light or in traffic jams, for example), starting up again when the driver releases the brake pedal.



Active city break

Innovation_Active_city_BreakFor a more safety city driving, inaugurated by DS 3 and DS 3 Cabrio, the emergency braking technology, dubbed Active City Brake, helps to avoid low-speed collisions. A short-range laser radar, mounted at the top of the windscreen, detects obstacles such as moving or stationary vehicles ahead in the same lane. At speeds of up to 30kph, the sensor identifies a risk of collision and communicates directly
with the brake control unit – without the driver needing to apply the brake pedal – in order to avoid a collision or limit the consequences by reducing the impact speed. The automatic braking system can bring the car to a complete standstill if necessary. In this instance, the vehicle is kept at a complete stop temporarily (for about 1.5 seconds) to allow the driver to resume control by pressing on the brake pedal. Prior to activating automatic braking and if the system identifies a risk, it prefills the brake’s hydraulics and gently applies the brake pads (Prefill function, a feature transparent to the driver). If automatic braking is required, the system will react quicker (saving a few hundreds of milliseconds).


Head-up display

To make more confortable your driving experienece, available on DS 5 ,  the Head-Up display allows you to have all essential driver information displayed in your field of vision.This colour head-up display, a particularly innovative feature, projects essential driving information onto a panel in the driver’s direct line of vision, adding to the sense of serene, innovative control. The read-out includes speed, cruise control/speed limiter settings and navigation instructions ((speed, set the speed limiter control or navigation instructions).


Lane departure warning

Odyssey_Innovation_AfilThe second-generation lane departure warning system which equipped your DS model is more sensitive. The car crossing the road line, manifested by a vibration in the driver’s seat, are detected through the integrated miniature camera hidden in the rearview mirror and a line recognition technology based on digital imagery. This technology helps the treatment of drowsiness while driving.


 Hands-free access and starting

Odyssey_Innovation_ADMLSimplicity and practicality to lighten your day ! For yourThe keyless access and start system on your car recognises the driver as he approaches the car. Touch a door handle and the door opens, then simply push the start button to start the engine.


Intelligent traction control

ODyssey_Innovation_ControleTractionSafer driving, better control of the road !

By improving the grip of the tyres and reducing wheelspin, this system combined with ESC helps to get started on slippery surfaces, regardless of the type of road or engine.


Blind spot monitoring

Odysey_Innovation_SAMA state-of-the-art safety feature providing increased visibility. A symbol lights up in one of the door mirrors to warn the driver that a car or motorcycle is present in the blind spot.