High-performance and efficient engines

All our engines, from petrol to diesel and hybrid 4×4, deliver power and an ecological performance that are conducive to pleasure and the wheel and a great onboard experience.
Our PureTech engines use innovative and efficient technologies:
– a high-yield, latest-generation turbocharger and centrally positioned, high-pressure direct injection.

Our latest-generation BlueHDi diesel engines make for a pleasant drive and offer top-quality performance, thanks to the expertise of our engineers
(greater efficiency, Diamond-like-Carbon coating, reduced mechanical losses, an innovative and efficient exhaust line, etc.)


The 4×4 Diesel Hybrid

The hybrid diesel powertrain combines the touring performance of a diesel HDi with the efficiency of an electric motor that guarantees some exciting thrills at the wheel.
The 4×4 hybrid features multiple driving modes. Drivers can use the selector on the central console to choose one of four drive modes: Auto, Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV), 4-wheel drive (the front wheels are driven by the internal combustion engine, and the rear wheels by the electric motor) and Sport (maximum use of the electric motor to back up the internal combustion engine).