A connected car

A connected car

You are connected, which is the reason why we propose a car that meets you demands for mobility, with:

Odyssey_Innovation_Ecran-tactile• a new 7″ colour touch screen that is compatible with New Mirror Screen. This protocol allows you to access the compatible applications on your smartphone on the screen in the car, without having to even touch your telephone. This simple, intuitive and safe service increases your everyday efficiency and comfort.
Combined with the new 7″ touch screen, the reversing camera sends a colour image to the screen in the vehicle. You can manoeuvre in complete safety, thanks to the coloured visual markings.

• The DS Connect Box is an innovative connectivity services suite developed to meet your expectations in terms of safety, time-saving and comfort. This set of connected services uses a device installed inside the car. Four services are available:
– the SOS & Assistance pack: automatic emergency call or direct contact with an emergency service platform, by pressing the SOS button,
– the Monitoring pack: a virtual maintenance manual (automatic monitoring of mileage and alerts when a service is due) and eco-driving tips based on the technical information sent by the car.
– the Mapping pack: localisation of the vehicle (very useful when you can’t remember where you parked your car) and an e-mail alert when the car enters or leaves a geographical zone (for example, to let you know when someone has nearly reached their destination).
– the Tracking pack: in the event of theft, the geographical position of the car is sent to the police.

• The MyDS mobile application is available on iOS and Android smartphones. MyDS features a number of applications for parked car location, pedestrian navigation to final destination, servicing reminders, access to documentation, etc. This application is designed to offer intuitive and innovative services when you are on the move. With MyDS, you can receive all the information about your car and on customer-specific DS offers.